Coffee Huskies


As part of a coffee brand design development for the markthalle9 in Berlin, we set out to determine how to use packaging to create added value to the coffee sourced directly from Oaxaca in central Mexico and to what extent sustainability could be a motivating factor in attracting the urban target groups in Berlin. Responding to this ambitious goal, Mutter set up a team of designers from around the world and with the help from the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and our Mutter Intern, Linea embarked on three months of dedicated research into all aspects of the coffee journey from the farm to the coffee cup. Linea discovered, among other things, that the husk of the coffee bean that is usually discarded prior to roasting could potentially become the central ingredient in the manufacture of innovative coffee packaging. Motivated by these learnings the 2Heads group developed the space saving triangular long tubes that use the pulp of the previously discarded coffee bean husks, to provide improved moisture protection during the transportation of the bulk coffee beans from Mexico to Germany. These tubes can then be cut into smaller units following the roasting of the beans in Berlin and then with the addition of top and bottom caps becomes a sustainable and functional consumer package whose difference distinguishes it from the usual bags and creates a connection between the farmer and the connoisseur. This project is a collaboration between Mutter and our twoheads partners. Brandlab (Mexico City, Mexico) Uno (Melbourne, Australia) Mutter (Hamburg, Germany).

Twheads Partners involved

brandlab, Mexico / Mutter, Germany / UNO, Melbourne


UNSPLASH, Nathan Dumlao /UNSPLASH, Max Letek