The bottle materializes an ecological way of consuming milk, it has a cute appearance and it changes the common understanding of what ‘green’ products and materials are able to achieve.

It enables consumers to enjoy milk as a natural good and gives also small and medium size producers the ability to enter the regional market. Therefore the concept additionally contains a distribution system and combines short transport distances and a tight network of supply points. The bottle itself allows a convenient carrying and gives milk a new value. Its recognizable shape shows high uniqueness and communicates the way of how the ‘Tumbler’ should be used. The tumbling moves of the bottle remind the consumer that ‘all-natural milk’ has to be shaken before it’s ready to drink. The one-liter container as well as its cap are made of 100% PLA (= polylactic acid). Only if it’s broken, the bottle has to leave the endless circle of being used, returned and refilled with fresh and locally produced milk. Because damaged bottles are fused, they can supply the need of new raw-materials. In this way every ‘Milk-Tumbler’ is part of a technical cycle and becomes immortal.

The ‘Milk-Tumbler’ is only a concept so far, nevertheless it gives a perfect example of how well-designed products can generate a balanced symbiosis of ecological and economical interests.



Klima Award – IPP Integrierte Produktpolitik / Behörde für Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt

NDR Hamburg Journal 17. April 2013


The Milk-Tumbler in the media:

radio-interview (Magnus Fischer at WDR 5 scala „Geschmackssachen“) 18. Jan. 2013  Klick here to listen




design made in hamburg 2012 / IDENTITY Magazin



Hamburg Magazin Nr. 28/2013  //

FUTURZWEI Zukunftsalmanach 2015/16  Herausgeber: Harald Welzer + Dana Giesecke + Luise Tremel //

PAGE 8/2012 //  oT die Kunst SZENE August/Sept/Okt // designreport 5/2012 // GRID Nov/Dez 2012


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