Our cooperation with celebrity chef Steffen Henssler bears fruit – in the form of a Teriyaki-sauce.

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Henssler – die wahre Sauce

The German chef Steffen Henssler is currently successfull like no other. The 43 year old runs two restaurants in Hamburg ‘Henssler Henssler’ and ‘Ono by Henssler’, has published his third book, runs his own Youtube channel and starts a second live tour around Germany this Spring. Additionally he’s the host of his TV show “Grill den Henssler” and a second TV format called “Der Restaurant-Tester”. Read more…

Mutter TransformierBAR

Let’s have a chat!

On 20. Feb we could welcome an illustrious group of people to our first ‘TransformierBAR’ in 2014. We look forward to the next time!

Cooperation with ‘enorm’

The new year begins with a promising new contact. In 2014, Mutter will cooperate with the magazine ‘enorm’. Our team is looking forward to
this cooperation and an intense exchange on the topics of social
entrepreneurship and cultural change.
With ‘enorm’, we have found a media-partner, that has a strong network and
an open-minded informed readership. For us, it’s the perfect platform to
communicate our commitement to ‘Design for Transformation’.
Keep an eye out for the things to come!


CPI2 Website

The “Carbon Performance Improvement Initiative” (CPI2) is an initiative of retailers and brands aiming to be front-runners in climate protection. CPI2 offers a unique, action driven and powerful approach to reduce the carbon footprint of products. It supports manufacturers to use energy more efficiently. Read more…

Twoheads Summit 2013

The annual Two Heads summit took place this October in the fast changing Meatpacking district of New York City, with members arriving from different points of the globe locked and loaded for an action packed week.  Our accommodation and meeting headquarters for the summit was the Standard Hotel Highline which straddles the starting point of this major urban renewal project. Read more…

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wegCheck out our article on the topic of circular economy & design on www.designxport.de (Hamburg’s own soon-to-be-opened design centre)

Mutter TransformierBAR

Let’s have a chat!

On 20. Feb we could welcome an illustrious group of people to our first ‘TransformierBAR’ in 2014. We look forward to the next time!



The bottle materializes an ecological way of consuming milk, it has a cute appearance and it changes the common understanding of what ‘green’ products and materials are able to achieve. Read more…

Twoheads Website

Twoheads is our new global design initiative. It consists of different personalities, skills, and expertises. This variety provides an appropriate expert for every part of the job. All members are friends for years and contribute with their personalities and perspectives. We share the same vision and have a common understanding of what design is able to achieve.

is now online.

Teekanne Premium Range, Austria

Teekanne GmbH Salzburg is the biggest subsidiary of Teekanne Deutschland. The company was founded in 1951 and today offers a large variety of tea-products. Teekanne is market leader in Austria with a market share of roughly 60%.

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C2C Consultants meeting


Cradle to Cradle Design Consultants

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